Miracle Corp DeFlea Pet and Bed Spray for Dogs 24 ounces – MC11036

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De Flea Pet and Bedding Spray incorporates a patented combination of non-toxic, safe ingredients that work in tandem with one another to soften” the waxy exoskeleton of fleas ticks lice mites and other insects.

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Once the insect’s “armor” has been penetrated its internal organs are saturated and the insect is immediately destroyed. De Flea Sprays and Shampoos work against all life stages of an insect and quickly and effectively eliminate all parasitic insects from the animal and its environment – without the use of chemical or toxic ingredients. De Flea does not affect the “”host”” and parasites can not become resistant or immune – no “”ghost”” fleas. De Flea is safe to use in conjunction with “”spot-on”” flea and tick protection and can be used on pets bedding carpets furniture as well as directly on the pet. NOT FOR USE ON KITTENS OR CATS.


  • Kills fleas on contact giving your dog immediate relief
  • Can be used around all ages of dogs from puppies to adult
  • Great for use directly on your dog and their bedding
  • Easy to administer spray bottle allows for quick application – just turn nozzle to spray and apply product to insects directly or to areas where insects live and hide
  • Proudly made in the USA by a company you can trust

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Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in