Drop Shipping

Pet Stores USA is the leader in drop ship services to the pet industry with over 50 years’ experience in the category. Pet Stores USA carries all the top brands and top items within our catalog of 2,500+ items that ship from our centrally located warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping means no inventory to purchase. We warehouse all the items so you make no investment in products that are unproven to you. We provide everything necessary for you to sell our products online; your only investment is in the programming of the items into your existing platform.  When a consumer places an order with you, you send an order to us and we ship the item directly to your retail customer under your name. By drop shipping you can expand your catalog of pet supplies without having to invest in inventory.

Great Customer Service!

Unlike other entities that appear to do what we do, Pet Stores USA does not retail nor compete against you our partner. We are only successful if you are successful and we provide everything you need to be successful selling online. From the smallest partner to the largest, we provide the same great service. Between the hours of 8AM to 5PM EST Monday through Friday there are at least 8 warm bodies available to speak with you and answer any question that you have. Every customer deserves personal attention from a knowledgeable account representative and every partner gets their own account representative that they can build a relationship with. Pet Stores USA understands the importance of shipping items quickly and correctly and the need to keep our partners up to date with tracking numbers and invoices. Drop Ship orders placed before 12PM EST generally ship the same business day. Every day that we ship an order for you, we send you an e-mail with tracking so you can keep your customer up to date.

Detailed Product Information and Descriptions

Pet Stores USA understands exactly what information our partners need. Our product spreadsheet is very comprehensive, containing all pertinent product information broken out into unique columns. This allows you to select exactly the information that you need to program for your ecommerce platform: item number, item name, manufacturer, short description, long description, images (images have the same title as the item number- an important nuance), UPCs, product dimensions, ship dimensions, current stock levels and sales figures are all provided. We know how hard it can be to maintain 2,500 + items so we did the work to make it as easy as possible for you.

Eyes and Ears

We are your eyes and ears. We don’t sit around and wait for the right items to fall into our lap. We attend as either buyers or exhibitors all the pet product shows that merit it. You can visit our booth or bump into us at Global and SuperZoo. By being visible and accessible we have the best relationships with the best manufacturers, get the best items first and lobby hard for exclusives to protect your margins. There are many items that are simply not available through any other entities that like to dabble in what is our core competency and that list gets longer every month.

What you get:

Access to over 2,500+ name brand items. No inventory to purchase. Real wholesale pricing. Blind Drop Shipping – We ship under your name to your customer’s door. Brand new items with full manufacturer warranties. A personal relationship with an account representative. Flexibility in ordering – Send your order in via e-mail, our 24/7/365 wholesale website, or as a spreadsheet we can import directly into our system. Tracking numbers e-mailed to you automatically to update your customers. Sensitivity to large platform requirements.

How Do You Get Started?

Our 1,000+ customers literally run from the smallest e-tailer to the largest ecommerce giant. To get started today simply fill out the Contact page or email customerservice@petstoresusa.com and we will contact you to complete to sign-up process or call us at 888-300-5139 between the hours 8AM to 5PM EST. Once you are approved and signed up you will receive an e-mail with a login to our wholesale website as well as access to our comprehensive product spreadsheet.